Will this be the year YOU propose?

will this be the yearThere’s something a bit different about February 2016 – and that’s the fact that, because it is a leap year, it has 29 days instead of 28. That’s all very interesting you may be thinking – but what has the number of days in February got to do with weddings? Well that extra day is very important because traditionally it has been a day when women were allowed to propose to men instead of the other way round.

There is an old Irish legend which claims that this ancient tradition is said to have started when St Brigid struck a deal with St Patrick that women would be allowed to propose to men on this date. However it is more likely that the custom began in the days of yore when women were not legally allowed to propose to men. Because the extra day added to the year was not considered to be governed by English law it was a day when the traditional gender rules did not apply  – and a women could take the opportunity to propose to her beloved (and hope he said yes!). In some countries a man who refused a leap day proposal was expected to recompense the disappointed lady with a gown, gloves or even money.

Although hundreds of years have passed since the start of this curious custom, and women no longer have to wait to be proposed to it is still a really popular tradition for women to wait until the leap day to pluck up the courage to ask their partner to marry them.  If you are planning on proposing to your boyfriend on the 29th February then you can take heart that you belong to a band of brave and feisty women who have taken marriage matters into their own hands! Famous women who have popped the question include the glamorous Zsa Zsa Gabor, Elizabeth Taylor and even Queen Victoria.

So, if you are planning to propose on this very special date then you might be looking for ways to make your proposal really memorable to ensure that you get the answer you want! Luckily, our giant illuminated lettering is the perfect solution. If you are looking to dazzle then why not use our gorgeous 5ft high light up letters to spell out MARRY ME! They look amazing and we don’t think anyone could say no to them!

Another really popular proposal idea is to choose a place to pop the question that has an important meaning to your relationship. It could be the place you first met or the restaurant you went on your first date. If you are feeling extravagant how about booking a romantic weekend away to a city that your partner has always wanted to visit?

However you choose to propose we are wishing any brave ladies out there good luck for the 29th February this year. We’d love to hear if you are planning to propose to your boyfriend so let us know on our Facebook or Twitter pages how you are going to pop the question and what he says! Don’t forget to look at our wedding light up letters if you’re planning for the big day!