Wedding Trends 2019

Now that 2019 is well underway and we find ourselves heading towards a new, exciting wedding season, we thought it was time to have a look at the top wedding trends for 2019.

Sustainable Celebrations

Eco-friendly, sustainable and no waste weddings are growing in popularity this year, reflecting a social movement to care more for our environment. Soon to be newlyweds are now thinking about how to throw the best celebrations with as little environmental impact as possible by not using single-use plastics, offering reusable straws, having vegan options available or even completely vegan feasts.

Royal Flowers

Last year was a big year for royal weddings and this year we will see this reflected in many weddings with oversized bouquets and arrangements that will make any bride feel like a queen. Intricate flower walls and archways serving as beautiful backgrounds to nuptials are also something to watch out for this wedding season.

Long Lace Sleeves

If you have yet to say the big “yes to the dress” and are still looking for wedding dress inspiration, elegant full sleeved gowns are in almost every designer collection this year. Delicate lace sleeves in unique patterns, including polka dots, are definitely the biggest trend in 2019 wedding dress fashion.

Moody Blues and Hues

The rustic wedding is still something we will see a lot of in 2019 yet we are going to see more daring, dark colours in this style. Deep blues, purples and every shade of grey will be matched with statement florals and lighting, along with luxurious velvets to create breathtakingly romantic weddings. These deeper tones are not only to be found in decoration; bridesmaids wearing dark blue and wine-red gowns will likely be featuring in both summer and winter weddings this year.

Foodie Favours 

Personalised edible favours started to become more popular throughout 2018, but 2019 is the year where they come into their own. Miniature jars and bottles personalised with the wedding date and names, containing local produce or a product that reflects the couple are a big trend this year. Artisan olive oils, homemade jams and chutneys, and even local wines and spirits have become popular favours as guests can not only take home a keepsake but also can use and enjoy the tasty gifts after the wedding day.

Dessert Rooms

Over the last few years, couples have been more creative with their dessert options from doughnut walls to cookie stations, and this year many couples are taking it to a whole new level with dessert rooms entirely devoted to sweet treats! Personally, we are loving this idea! If you’re planning a dessert room, you want to make sure your guests will be able to find all the delightful goodies in there, so why not use our light up letters to spell it out and entice your guests inside. We can spell out “Dessert” to guide your guests straight to the sweet stuff while giving you a unique photo op!