Wedding Letter Hire Nominated In Hertfordshire Business Awards!

Business AwardsWedding Letter Hire Nominated In Hertfordshire Business Awards!

It’s been an exciting time at Wedding Letter Hire HQ at the moment, as we recently received the wonderful news that we have been shortlisted for the New Business Of The Year Award in the 2015 Hertfordshire Business Awards! We are really thrilled at this nomination as since we started in 2014 we have seen our business become a recognised name on the scene – and we know that brides and event companies alike have been thrilled by our great service and of course our sparkling 5 foot high light up signs!

So what did we have to do to get shortlisted? The process to get nominated for the awards is very rigorous as the judges want to make sure that the businesses that they put forward really are worthy of the title. There are 4 key things that the judges review to decide who to put through and that they asked us to demonstrate to them:

1.Business Strategy

We had to demonstrate our business plan to the judges and show how workable it was. Not only this, but they also wanted to know if our plans could be altered if situations arose that needed us to change our strategy and how flexible we were.

2. Business Success

We had to show the judges what success had been achieved by our company. This was a great opportunity for us to review our figures and sales and we were blown away by just how much we had grown over the past year. A great example of this is that in August 2014 just after Wedding Letter Hire launched we had 2 bookings for that month…and in August 2015, just one year later, we had an amazing 27 bookings for our illuminated signs!

3. Promotion and Marketing

The judges wanted us to show how our promotion was planned in a controlled and cost effective way and how responses were monitored. We were able to show them our stunning marketing materials and our popular social media pages along with our advertising in popular wedding magazines and articles in well-known blogs and websites.

4. Innovation

Finally the judges wanted us to show how we demonstrated innovation through new products or services, and to see how we showed innovation in the management and day to day running of our company. We know that our dazzling light bulb signs speak for themselves in terms of our innovative products and we were one of the first people to pick up the trend for giant light-up letters that started over in the U.S.!

We also have an innovative website which actually lets customers get automated quotes for the cost and delivery charge on their letters which has proved very popular.

So you can see that we had to put a lot of hard work into our submission and we were delighted that it all paid off when the finalists were announced! Now we’re looking forward to attending the awards on the 26th November and keeping our fingers crossed for a Wedding Letter Hire win!