The girl in our LOVE images

Love 1

More eagle-eyed readers may have spotted the girl in our ‘LOVE‘ images somewhere else recently – on the X-Factor! The stunning model in our wedding letter hire images is no other than the obviously multi-talented 24-year old Chloe Jasmine Whichello.

If you haven’t seen her, or heard her very distinct singing talents yet, then please take a look. This is Chloe Jasmine singing Ella Fitzgerald’s Black Coffee in the week one auditions.


We will most definitely be cheering on Chloe Jasmine during her X-Factor journey and are delighted that her many talents are being spotted, not only by the X-Factor crew, but by the crowd too – she is described as posh and eloquent, which sounds about right to us! We’re feeling a bit like a proud parent to be honest.

Not only do we adore Chole Jasmine’s very bluesy voice, but we also love her look. We agree that it does look like she’s just stepped out of a 1940s jazz club, and we need to ask her where she got that hat.

But what did the judges think? Louis Walsh liked her Marilyn vibe, and thought she was “fabulous”, and Cheryl described her as “mesmerising”, while Mel B said she had a unique voice. Best of all, even big bad Simon Cowell liked her, describing her as unusual and a bit kooky but with a very cool authentic voice, and who can argue with that? Chloe Jasmine got four definite yesses from the judges, with Simon saying “You’re one I’m going to remember!”

At Wedding Letter Hire, we love Chloe Jasmine. She came and said hello to us when we were exhibiting recently at the Brides Show. She really is as genuinely lovely as she comes across on the show, and very down-to-earth. She has been a complete pro for us, and best of all, she looks awesome against our light-up wedding letters.

Jo of Wedding Letter Hire and Rio Lounge says, “I had a real laugh with her when we met her at the Brides Show. She liked our mobile bar at my stand and was knocking back our drink and then we became FB friends.” Sounds good to me!

Chloe Jasmine is up against some stiff competition as is always the case on the X-Factor. But whether she wins or not, the exposure she will get from a show of such a high profile can’t fail to get her on the path to fame. There has been ten years of X-Factor now and what is true is that winning is no guarantee of long-term success. Those that have been successful are the ones that have something a bit different and capture the imagination of the public – after all, it’s the public who will be buying their records not the judges. We already know that Chloe Jasmine has that little something that will appeal to so many people and that she has a fantastic chance of stardom.

Chloe Jasmine described her dream as “to be happy every day for the rest of my life” which is a pretty good dream to have, and we wish Chloe Jasmine all the best for the X-Factor and in the future, whatever it may hold for her.