See Your Name Up In Lights

see your name

Have you always dreamed about having your name in lights? Well now you can with our illuminated letters which can make any combination of words that are as unique as you are! Our personalised initials and range of letters means that you can choose to have any words or phrases that you want. Some of the most popular ones are LOVE, MR & MRS and individual initials such as E&L which can give a really romantic feel to the day. We’ve also had fun looking at some other ways that you could use our marquee letters…

At a large wedding it’s often hard to get your guests organised or to let them know where they need to be so why not let our large light bulb letters signpost the way?Make the words EAT, DRINK or BAR and put them in the relevant area so guests don’t get lost! Or you could say it in lights and have a giant THANK YOU twinkling away in light bulb letters as your friends and family leave for the night.

We can create any name in lights

We can create any name that you want and some brides have told us that they love light up letters as a backdrop for wedding photographs.  It’s really popular to take a before and after shot – one of them with their Maiden name in lights before they walk down the aisle, and one with their married name after the celebration. These would look brilliant in the wedding album or on the wall and will really make your for a day to remember.

Of course, you don’t have to only use our marquee letters for weddings – they look fabulous at any event. How about spelling out HAPPY BIRTHDAY for a big birthday party or PROM for a school leaver’s ball? If you are hosting a seasonal event such as a Halloween party the word BOO would make a great talking point too. If you’re planning a corporate event, our prop hire can transform otherwise dull, lifeless spaces. You could even make your very own Hollywood sign! It’ a once in a lifetime opportunity to see your name in lights!