Brides The Show

Love lights with bride in front

It’s been a busy week for Wedding Letter Hire in a number of ways. Firstly, we have launched our fabulous new website – bringing you a selection of gorgeous light up letters designed to make your big day sparkle. We hope that you love it!

We’ve also been exhibiting our marvellous light up letters at Brides The Show. Brides The Show started running in October 2014 and was organised by the UK’s biggest selling magazine Brides. Of course it was a massive success in the wedding world, so we were really excited to get a stand at the March show.

The social media world was buzzing with excitement the week beforehand with suppliers and brides alike telling twitter how thrilled they were about going. One of the things that we love about the show is that it is really interactive with loads of demonstrations, advice from experts and a chance for brides to ask the questions that really matter to them. We were going to be showing off our light up letters for weddings!

Turning ordinary venues into something amazing

It was amazing starting the show with a huge blank canvas of a stand – ready for Wedding Letter Hire to work their magic on.  Although some might find it daunting we loved the opportunity of showing what we are all about – turning an ordinary venue into something amazing for your special day. As everyone worked to set up there was a great atmosphere and it was fabulous to catch up with some of our #weddinghour friends who we chat to online every week. We were thrilled with our stand when it was finally finished and felt it was a brilliant way to showcase our lovely marquee letters – which, if you don’t know, are large lighted letters that are the on-trend wedding accessory for 2014.

As the sun rose over Battersea Park on the day of the show we were filled with anticipation. As the brides, grooms, bridesmaids and mothers of the bride started to flow through the door there was a fantastic sense of energy and expectation – everyone was hoping that this would be the day that they found the dress, venue or furniture of their dreams. And, if they were looking to hire light up letters, they had come to the right place!

I think that the thing we enjoyed most at the show was talking to all the lovely visitors. Everyone was so friendly and it was great to hear the imaginative and colourful themes that some of the brides-to-be had in mind for their big day. Everyone had put so much care and thought into their plans, it was a privilege to be able to give them our advice as to how they could really make their celebration shine with our light up love letters.

Beautiful light up letters

At Wedding Letter Hire we are really proud of our beautiful light up letters and we really hoped that everyone would love them as much as we did. They are just so versatile. You can use them to make personalised initials or to make words such as our light up love letters or our Mr & Mrs. sign, the good news is that these big light up letters went down a storm. The brides loved them and we had some fantastic feedback from everyone we chatted to.

We left Brides The Show feeling tired but elated, we had met some inspirational people, and hopefully made some good friends amongst the fabulous brides and wedding suppliers out there. And we loved the fact that everyone was so impressed with our giant marquee letters.

So if you’d love light up letters for your wedding give us a call – or why not have a look at our Pinterest site to find out more about how letters that light up can light up your wedding.