5 Questions to ask when planning your wedding

Planning your wedding can be exciting, frustrating, thrilling and amazing! It’s a real whirlwind of emotions and we know that brides to be can often find it hard to co-ordinate all of the different elements that are needed to create their perfect day. That’s why it can be really important to take a step back and ask yourself some key questions about how you want your big day to be. These questions can help to focus your thoughts and will give you some structure so that you can start to plan your wedding with confidence. So pour yourself a glass of wine, get a pen and notebook and ask yourself the following 5 questions…

What theme should I have?
Setting a theme is a vital element in helping your event planning as it informs every part of your big day – from the venue you hold it at to the style of the dress you wear and even the food! This is a great question as you can let your imagination soar and it can help you to create a wedding that is really unique to yourself and your partner. Use wedding magazines, blogs and sites such as Pinterest to help inspire you and to get an idea of popular wedding themes. From a barn wedding to Hollywood glamour the sky really is the limit!

couple in front of light up love sign

How many people should I invite?
Whilst you may not want to write the definitive guest list yet it is really important to work out a rough idea of the size of your wedding, as this will affect not only the size of venue that you need to choose but it will also help you to decide on your budget. Do you want a small intimate wedding with only close family and friends or are you looking for a large party to celebrate your big day with as many people as possible?

Where do I want to hold my wedding?
Once you know your theme and the numbers you will be catering for then it’s time to look for your venue. Visiting different venues can be time consuming so it’s worthwhile making a shortlist before you book your visits. Make sure that the venue works well with your theme and that you can accommodate the number of people that you want to have there to celebrate with you.

What is the budget?
Although it would be lovely to have unlimited funds most brides have to stick to a budget so it’s vital to work out how much money you have to spend. With so many wonderful wedding ideas out there it can be very tempting to go over-budget so why not create a budget spreadsheet to help you understand how much money you have and work out what areas of your big day you want to allocate it to.

Where can I hire a love sign for my wedding?
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