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Find out why we’re leaping for joy in 2016!

marry me in light up letters

At Wedding Letter Hire we love nothing more than to bring a touch of sparkle to your special occasion. Our letters have been seen on the catwalks, at anniversary parties, bar mitzvahs and of course at weddings. However we’ve never been involved in a proposal before so we literally ‘leapt’ at the chance of helping some lovely ladies propose to their partners on the 29th Feb this year. As you may know it is an ancient leap year proposal tradition that women are able to propose every 4 years on the 29th February – and in 2016 there were many brave ladies all looking to take the plunge! Continue Reading →

Marquee Letters For A Vintage Wedding

light up love sign

Having a vintage theme has been on-trend in wedding styling for a number of seasons now. We live such hectic, stressful lives that it’s not surprising that many brides want to use their celebrations to look back to a more glamorous and sophisticated vintage world. Our marquee signs are the perfect accompaniment to a vintage wedding. Continue Reading →

Will this be the year YOU propose?

will this be the yearThere’s something a bit different about February 2016 – and that’s the fact that, because it is a leap year, it has 29 days instead of 28. That’s all very interesting you may be thinking – but what has the number of days in February got to do with weddings? Well that extra day is very important because traditionally it has been a day when women were allowed to propose to men instead of the other way round. Continue Reading →